Sep 11 2018


The Bamboo theatre under the Creative Bamboo Center is looking forward to releasing two new plays for you very soon. The Bamboo theater has released two plays before. Our theatre's very first play was "Three little piglets" based on the famous English folklore. The second play was its sequel written originally by our tem - "The Three Little Piglets Discover Space". Our third play is based on the first two series of the "Bumbarday" series of children's books of Nomadic Illustrated Booklet on September 15th. 

A boy who loves to play video games refuses to listen when his parents try to tell him a story. But later finds himself inside a fairy tale about a nomad boy named Bumbardai. So the city boy is now living happily with his mother in the country side where you can be introduced to nomadic way of living when suddenly, taking the role of the Bumbardai boy in the story, the boy goes after the stolen borts (traditional mongolian dried meat) and this is when his adventure begins. The moral of this play is if you sincerely help someone and understand someone and become a real friend, even a stranger or that kid that you don't like can become your good friend.