We are extremely happy to welcome and introduce you the famous Danish family theatre “BATIDA” 🎃 and their greatest shows for our little children for upcoming Halloween holiday.

⭐️When: 26th of OCTOBER
⭐️Time: 17:30pm

🥁Introduction to ”Solo for two”
🎩The conductor is waiting impatiently. But the members of The sweat seven orchestra calls one after the other to say they can’t make it to the concert. Initially despairing , he decides to make the most of hopeless situation : He will instead play his secretly 🎷🎺🎷 composed Solo Trumpet Concerto which undoubtedly will make his fame. Just as he is about to begin, one final band member show up, the most untalented and hopeless musician who thinks of nothing but football. This can only end in disaster … and it does!!!✨✨✨

💥Ages: 5+
💥Durations: 45'
💥Сapacity: 70
🔺Language: English


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5 - 10 age