There were two foody siblings, named Idnee (Hungry) and Uunaa (Thirsty). They always wanted their parents to give them yummy and hearty. Then, they dumped the packs and leftovers of the food all over the house, and they never cleaned them. And one day, the Garbage monster emerges, by feeding with a large amount of waste and later it becomes real. The goal of the monster was not to eat those two kids but was willing to grow bigger, making them dump more waste. However, one key secret was the origin of the Monster, which is not an unknown source, but it was the nature-mother, who was polluted, and who was struggling in agony of survival. In the end, two kids cornered with no choice, learn, at last, the best method is to avoid littering and sort the waste. Also, they see what wonderful things can be created by the women and men from the recycling plant with the sorted waste.

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4 - 12 age