We are very happy to celebrate Hppy Children's day with our little friends.

You are invited to celebrate creative, fun and full of memories with us in a fresh air, Terelj Gorkhi family resort. 


  • - Make a holiday dessert with cooking class teacher
  • - Let's make a family dream board with art and crafts teacher
  • Collage with a variety of materials specially prepared by the family to create a family creation in a canvas.
  • - Many of us must be missed wearing a funny clothes and face painting station.
  • At the end of the program, every child will receive a specially prepared gift for this day, 

    If more than two children from one family participate, a 5% discount is available for the second child. Program tickets will be added to the price of the resort.

Call Terelj Gorkhi family resort and place your order.

Phone: 7724-2222

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3 - 12 age