🎭We are extremely happy to ❄️“First Snow”❄️

Our plays, “First Snow” is from Russian theatre for kids and are designated to the little children. Those are presented to improve kids’ three senses of seeing, touching and listening as well as preparing them to the skills of socializing and getting exposure to the environment. It’s most suitable for families with small children.  

Its the happiest moment to play outside while it’s snowing and all ar

ound is all in white. Suddenly one squirrel comes out and picks up the nuts and then runs away to it’s home. Meanwhile, we are drawing snowflakes on the magic box by artificial snow. Outside there are figure skaters skate on the tiny ice field and not long after, they get on the plane and fly away to journey into the night skies. Then we’re in our ward bed picking up the stars falling from the sky. All those stars we picked up would be turned into gifts. What a fantastic day, let’s go outside and make a snowman. 







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1 - 4 age