Our play is based on the English folklore based play of Sergei Mikhalkov, but put into a new, modern style. 

As children will undertsand many morals such as the power of unity, the understanding of finishing work if you've started it, respecting others, and the power of being harmonious with others, they will also subconciously understand that being hardworking and helpful to others is good, being cocky and arrogant is bad, and being a friendly team-player is helpful, as they are enjoying the play.

Our production coordinates with the 228th resolution of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports, content must be within standards for the conditions of "Preschool Education", helping children become more aware of the knowledge the art of aesthetics. Meaning, that it is uitable for all ages of 6 months and above, so please do not give it a second thought to come visit our center!



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3 - 7 age