Jul 1 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking for different ways to reach our customers. This includes delivering our services to wherever they are and keeping our social distance at the same time.


We are delighted to announce that our “3 Little Piglets Travel to Space” play is now on Skygo.mn Skymedia and Univision so the children could enjoy the variety of contents during the stay at home. This play is based on “The Three Little Piglets” which is one of the first plays produced by Bamboo Theatre.   


What will children learn from watching 3 Little Piglets Travel to Space play:

  • Recognizes the unity is stronger than anything.
  • Understands communicating and respecting others is essential.
  • Embraces the value of family.
  • Accepts there is no right or wrong person. Just the consequences of your action.


Our 3 Little Piglets Travel to Space is an eye opening and inspiring play which nurtures your children’s mind and soul while enjoying the fun adventures of 3 little Piglets.