Apr 7 2021

LITTLE POETS contest for 8-12 years old kids 


During the lockdown, we are announcing this competition, which aims to develop children's talents at home, introduce them to the value and importance of friendship with books,support the interest of children who like to write lyrics and poems, and increase their self-confidence.


We will receive handwriting poem picture during 2021.04.06-2021.04.18, and it will be posted on our Creative bamboo page. 

Please send the picture to creative.bamboo2017@gmail.com with the following information, including participation's name, phone number, your Facebook account. 


Only one person will be granted 

1. Candidate will be selected by Bambuu Theater 


Winner will get poem/lyrics will become a SONG for our STORYTELLING SESSION, Bamboo's special gift and online class chosen by winner.