Storytelling sessions is where stories "come to life", meaning our storytellers will tell famous stories of different authors from all over the world in an interactive way, acting out scenes from the story with our little customers. Here's why it's important for parents to read stories for their children. Have you seen your child's reaction when you read out loud their favorite stories and play out the characters? Isn't it amazing how completely in awe they are? Every parent's way of introducing their little one to the world is by reading stories to them, it's almost like a magic window to our world. Children without even knowing start understanding and feeling happiness, fear with their little hearts through these stories. While listening to stories children's attention span expands, also their speaking skills improve along with their vocabulary. Telling stories especially acting out the characters for your children gives them confidence in expressing themselves and finding their true passion in life. Happy endings give them hope and ability to find solutions in difficult situations and give them confidence to solve problems on their own. Our Bamboo theatre team will greet every child with a warm welcome and make precious memories with them and their families.